• Midnight Farm

Dust Jacket

Late one summer night, twin boys wake to the sound of hoots and howls. Peering out their window they see a strange sight -- it may be time to sleep everywhere else, but on this Martha's Vineyard farm all of the animals and vegetables are just waking up and putting on thier clothes! A field mouse invites the boys to join in the midnight celebration, and they find themsleves caught up in a very different kind of nocturnal adventure.

Carly Simon's rollicking, rhythmic text is a delight to read aloud. Together with David Delamare's dreamlike illustrations it creates an imaginative fantasy that will capitivate readers.

Liner Notes

To my godsons, Jules and Noah - C.S.

My deepest appreciation to Wendy Ice for her invaluable creative advice - D.D.


Publication Date: June 8, 1997
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Pages: #40
Age Range: 4 and up

Written by: Carly Simon
Illustrated by: David Delamare
Jacket Design by: Paul Zakris