• Nighttime Chauffeur

Dust Jacket

The spring air is full of melodies and visions as Jasper walks with his father through Central Park. His seventh birthday is next week, and his father has promised to give him anything his heart desires. "Just for one night," Jasper asks, "I want to drive a horse-and-buggy around the park." But Jasper's father only rolls his eyes and tells him he'll have to be a little more realisitc. So Jasper hides his disappointment when his parents give him a wooden horse named Glory instead, though inside he feels a little cheated.

But Glory is no ordinary rocking horse, as Jasper finds out one amazing night. Glory is magic, the magic of strange and wonderful places and children's dreams, and he comes to life to give Jasper a ride he will remember the rest of his life. Away they go, out the bedroom window and through the dark green wonder of a park full of music and moonlight, and a sad old woman who needs help in a very unusual way...

Liner Notes

Dedicated to the C# and all the other lost notes just waiting to be reclaimed.


Publication Date: September 1, 1993
Publisher: Doubleday
Pages: #
Age Range: 6 and up

Written by: Carly Simon
Illustrated by: Margot Datz
Jacket Design by: Marysarah Quinn