• The Fisherman's Song

Dust Jacket

In a pine forest, cooler
than the rest of the island
lives a young fisherman
with eyes like the sea
He built his own boat
and made his own cabin
but he's broken the hearts
of the likes of me

So begins one of the most haunting love songs Carly Simon has ever written.

In this charming storybook adaptation, a handsome young fisherman plies his trade on a green remote island and weaves a powerful spell over a beautiful young island woman. In the misted midnight of her imagination, they find a bond as pure as golden moonbeams, and as strong and enduring as the tides....

Carly Simon and Margot Datz, whose magical words and pictures graced the pages of Amy The Dancing Bear and The Boy Of The Bells, have teamed up once again for their most enchanting book yet. As mysterious as love itself, The Fisherman's Song will be irresistible to readers of all ages.

Liner Notes

To Benjamin Taylor and Jimmy Hart - C.S.

To Charlie Blair - M.D.


Publication Date: September 1, 1991
Publisher: Doubleday
Pages: #32

Written by: Carly Simon
Illustrated by: Margot Datz
Jacket Painting by: Margot Datz
Jacket Typography by: David Gatti