BOUNCE - 2000

  • Bounce Soundtrack - Carly Simon


Release Date: November 14, 2000
Label: Arista Records

Our Affair (Remix) Produced by: Richard Perry

Film Stars: Ben Affleck, Gwenyth Paltrow

Our Affair
Lyrics & Music by: Carly Simon

What a perfect night
Secrets lights up the sky
Like fireflies do
There’s nothing but a silky hope
That old opiate
Between me and you

Don’t look now
We’re just about there
We’re just one little breath away
From our affair
From our affair

Don’t move too fast
Don’t run scared
We’re just one surrender away
From our affair

Don’t you feel like
You’re coming down with something
Some great fancy flu
Don’t you feel like you’re
Coming down with me
And it doesn’t get sicker than you

Don’t you feel like this is the really good part
Where it’s still up in the air
The perfect romance is never
Stated or sated, deflated or fair

Don’t admit it yet
And don’t stop saying your prayers
We’re just one little heartbeat away
From our affair
From our affair

There’s a light in my window
And a little red ladybug in my hair
Just one turn down an empty street
Away, away, away
From our affair
From our affair

There’s a white-hot desire
Of which I am pleasantly aware
Just one more "wait a minute baby"
Away, away, away, away
From our affair
From our affair
From our affair

Carly Simon: Electric & Acoustic Guitars / Keyboards / Percussion / Background vocals
Stuart Kimball: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
T-Bone Wolk: Bass
Steve Gadd: Drums

© 2000 C'est Music ASCAP