• Carly Simon - Live At Grand Central Concert
  • Carly Simon - Live At Grand Central Concert

Legend In Your Own Time

I've Got To Have You


Release Date: December 12, 1995
Label: Polygram Video

A production of Squeak Pictures / All Access Entertainment Mgmt in assoc. with Lifetime Productions
Executive Producer: Brian Doyle
Producer: Tima Surmeloglu
Director: Nigel Dick
Engineered and Mixed by: Frank Filipetti at Right Track Recording, NYC
Music Production Coordinator: Jill Dell'Abate
Director of Photography: Alan Adelman
Supervising Editor: Kathleen Dougherty

Feature Run Time: 60 minutes
VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

® 1995 Milding, Inc.
Artwork ® 1995 Polygram Video
Management: Brian Doyle for All Access Entertainment ® 1995 Milding, Inc.

Filmed at Grand Central Station, New York NY on April 2, 1995


Teese Gohl: Music Director / Keyboard
Rick Marotta: Drums
Doug Wimbish: Bass
Peter Calo: Guitar
Dirk Ziff: Guitar
Mick Rossi: Keyboards
Mindy Jostyn: Violin
Eric Bazilian: Mandolin

Marc Cohn, Jerry Barnes, Katreese Barnes, Curtis King