• Carly Simon - Live From Martha's Vineyard DVD
  • Carly Simon - Live From Martha's Vineyard DVD

You're So Vain

Coming Around Again / Itsy Bitsy Spider


Release Date: May 11, 2010
Label: Iris Records

Produced by: Jodie Wright
Editor: Rich Cohen for Editman Productions
Audio: Gizmo Sound
Feature Run Time: Approx. 70 minutes - Color - 1987
Region: All Regions NTSC
Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Dolby® Stereo
One Previously-omitted song: The Right Thing To Do

Filmed at Menemsha Beach, Martha's Vineyard, MA - June 9, 1987
Cover Photography: Pam Frank
Disc Photo: Bob Gothard

Original HBO Credits: Executive Producer: Tommy Mottola
Produced by: Al Smith and Brian Doyle
Music Director: Tom T-Bone Wolk
Directed by: Jeb Brian and Tony Mitchell
A Champion Entertainment Production (c) Milding Inc. 1987

Special Features:

Carly Simon's Live From Martha's Vineyard: The Classic Concert captures the artistic genius of a true musical icon performing her classic hits. Filmed on the waterfront at Martha's Vineyard, MA, Carly Simon captivates the screen in one of her few live performances captured on film. It's the very best of Carly Simon, giving special meaning to every song she performs - pure, simple and beautiful as ever. Carly's magical performance combined with the enchanting backdrop of Martha's Vineyard is a one of a kind event.

Originally aired as an HBO concert special in 1987 to promote her new album Coming Around Again, Carly fans worldwide now treasure this rare concert experience as a Region All DVD. A 20 minute interview with Carly at her home on Martha's Vineyard in 2004 - enhanced with previously unseen concert footage. Carly shares her memories of the band, the songs and filming the concert with her usual humor and candor.

Bonus Video - The Right Thing To Do

Scrapbook of rare photos from Carly's personal collection

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Complete Discography / Closed Captions


Bass: T-Bone Wolk
Drums: Rick Marotta
Electric Guitar: Jimmy Ryan
Acoustic Guitar: Hugh McCracken
Synth, Piano, Percussion: Robbie Kilgore, Robbie Kondor
Backup Singers: Frank Simms, Lani Groves, Kasey Cisyk

Add'l Backup Singers on The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of:
Sally Taylor, Aquinnah Witham, Alexandra Taylor, Liz Witham, Ben Taylor, Isaac Taylor