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The Making of Two Little Sisters

Recording studio footage of Carly Simon & Meryl Streep singing, with Robert DeNiro (Producer of the movie) in attendance.

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Release Date: 1996
Label: Arista Records

Two Little Sisters - Performed by: Carly Simon (Add'l vocals by Meryl Streep)

Film Stars: Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Leonard DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro

Two Little Sisters
Lyrics & Music by: Carly Simon
Also On: Anthology

Two little sisters gazing at the sea
Imagining what their futures will be
The older one says as her eyes look around
I will go as far as the corners of town
I'll plant a little garden, flowers everywhere
And pluck the most fragrant for my hair...

Two little sisters gazing at the sea
Imagining what their futures will be
The younger one stands with her eyes open wide
And says I'll go as far as the corners of the sky
I'll gather all the stars each night as they appear
And pick the very brightest one to wear in my ear...

I didn't choose you
And you didn't choose me
I didn't choose you
Who would guess we're from the same family
But what will you do when the nights get cold?
When the stars grow dim and your dreams seem old...

Whatcha gonna do when winter calls
And your flowers fall from the garden walls
I'll come home to you
You'll come home to me
My love will be your remedy
I'll choose you and you'll choose me
We'll be two daughters
Dancing by the edge of the sea...

Carly Simon: Vocals, piano
Kenneth Bichel: piano
John Miller: bass
Meryl Streep: additional vocals

© 1996 C'est Music / Miramax
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