Nobody Does It Better, The Very Best of Carly Simon - 1999

  • Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon collection


Release Date: March 5, 1999
Label: Global
Album Billboard Peak: n/a

Produced by: Unlisted

You're So Vain
From: No Secrets

Nobody Does It Better
From: The Spy Who Loved Me Soundtrack

From: Soup For One

Coming Around Again
From: Coming Around Again

The Right Thing To Do
From: No Secrets

We Have No Secrets
From: No Secrets

You Belong To Me
From: Boys In The Trees

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
From: Carly Simon

Mockingbird - (with James Taylor)
From: Hotcakes

Haven't Got Time For The Pain
From: Hotcakes

From: Anticipation

Legend In Your Own Time
From: Anticipation

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
From: Coming Around Again

All I Want Is You
From: Coming Around Again

Give Me All Night
From:Coming Around Again

Like A River
From: Letters Never Sent

Better Not Tell Her
From: Have You Seen Me Lately

Angel From Montgomery
From: Clouds In My Coffee Box Set

Let The River Run
From: Working Girl Soundtrack