• Torchlight DVD - Carly Simon


Release Date: Febrary 1985
Label: Embassy

Directed by: Tom Wright
Starring: Pamela Sue Martin, Steve Railsback, Ian McShane, brief appearance by Al Corley
Screenplay by: Pamela Sue Martin

All The Love In The World
Lyrics & Music by: Carly Simon & Tim Mayer

Jake, I know your face so well
Close my eyes and see it still
Though time can turn a heart to stone
Your face will stay a face I've known

Jake, some things still hurt and how
And God, it's hard to see you now
Because you my life a hell
And Jake, I know your face so well

And it was always
All right there
Why didn't you know
It was all right there
Why couldn't I show you
It was always there

All the love in the world
All the love
All the love in the world

© 1985 Torch Productions / Embassy